Canadian International Bureau of Shipping Ltd. (CIBS Group), is a Canadian incorporation established in Canada, active in different sectors offering One-Stop-Shop where multitude services are offered, focusing in Ships, Ports/Terminals, Crewing, Freight Forwarding and Management Consultant Services.

Our knowledge and experience are in the marine survey, inspection and investigation, consultancy, Ships Registrations, training and auditing, Loss Control, CDI-T, C-TPAT, Port State Control facilitator, Flag Inspector, Lead auditor (ISM, ISO, ISPS, MLC) and much more that meet international recognized standards.

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Focus on delivering the highest quality services.

Focusing on the continuous improvement of skills and knowledge for our Staff and Surveyors.

Working together to create a culture of inclusion built on trust, professionalism and respect.

Dedication to our customer requirements and maintaining confidentiality.

Always acting with integrity and honesty, being reliable and responsible.

Maintain and develop operations in line with the needs of those using the service.

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OUR Mission

Through consultancy, verification and training, CIBS is committed to meet the needs of the shipping community by ensuring that National and International Standards are well implemented.

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Our Vision

To become the primary preferred Trustworthy Partner for the Shipping Community.

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Said Nassif

Said holds a Bachelor’s degree in Maritime Transportation and Master’s of Business Administration degree with major in Logistics and Transportation from University of Quebec in Montreal. He also holds a Canadian Chief Marine Engineer Certificate and certifications in freight forwarding. He has been nominated as a CDI-T inspector for Port and Terminal (Chemical Distribution Institute), and has received the nomination as Professional Freight Forwarding Specialist (CIFFA), including agency and ship brokering (ASBA) and is certified as an anti-terrorism specialist.

SAID NASSIF Managing Director MBA, B.Sc.,C/Eng, PCIP, CAS, PFF

SAID NASSIF Managing Director


Upon completion of 14 years as a Chief Engineer, he joined the Canadian government as a marine surveyor, rose through the ranks and held several management positions including Manager for Occupational Health and Safety to Operations Director Marine Safety and Security at Transport Canada.

He was responsible for the promotion and enforcement of policies, standards and regulations to improve security in the maritime sector. He acted as professor and instructor in safety, security and protection in multimodal transportation and oil tanker operations. He helped develop and lead a number of large and complex projects in the sectors of supply chain management, logistics and marine transportation, for the efficiency, safety, security and environmental matter.

As a renowned trainer he has delivered many training courses for many International bodies, such as India Ocean MOU’s, Paris MOU’s, Italian Coast Guard, USCG and many more administrations governments. (ISM, ISPS, MLC-2006, PSC inspection, Pollution and Incident Investigation, OHSAS 18000, ISO 9001, 14001 and 28001).

Mr. Nassif is an approved instructor by Transport Canada to deliver the familiarization training courses for Tankers and Chemical ships. He continues to hold the executive position for an International maritime society. Furthermore, he has many years of experiences in marine survey, audit and inspection, with extensive knowledge in ship registrations.

He is fluent in English and French has extensive experience of working with different international bodies and in maintaining a strong partnership with all, such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the International Labour Organization (ILO), the Department of Homeland Security (USA), Transport Canada, members of Port State Control MOU’s, the marine industries, Maritime Academies, Administrations and associations, among others.

James Lawson

James Lawson had been Master in command on different type of ships. Capt. Lawson worked ashore as a surveyor covering all types of shipboard surveys and investigations.

james lawson Pacific Regional Representative

James Lawson Pacific Regional Representative


After a few years ashore he gained many experiences in ship operations, ship agency and Super Cargo. He later joined the Canadian Coast Guard and Transport Canada as a government ship Inspector.

He specialized in MARPOL and pollution investigations/ prosecutions. He had been a key trainer for national and international inspector pollution programs under the Port State Control MOU and other IMO related responsibilities.

Later, he had been appointed as Manager and then Regional Director of Marine Safety and Security for Transport Canada In Vancouver. He retired after 31 years with the service, and joined CIBS as the Pacific Regional representative and inspector of ships.

Nigel Hastings

Nigel holds a United Kingdom and Canadian, Combined Steam and Motor - Chief Engineer’s Certificate of Competency, as well as an Oil Tanker Endorsement. During his 23 years at sea as a Chief Engineer he sailed on General Cargo, Chemical Tankers and Passengers Ships as well as Supply vessel and Ice Breakers.

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Nigel Hastings Senior Marine Surveyor and Auditor


Highlights of his shore going experiences include the following:

  • Instructor - for Thebatcha College, Pacific Marine Training Institute (PMTI), Vancouver and at Fire School at Haney, BC.
  • Transport Canada Inspector at the New Westminster office, BC as well as in the Regional Office, Vancouver
  • Acting Senior Surveyor for Western Canada implementing and monitoring Government Policy
  • Previous member of the Regulatory Amendment Committee in Ottawa overhauling the Canada Shipping Act.
  • Principal Surveyor and Client relations officer for Western Canada for Lloyds Register (LR) Canada Inc,
  • He had been a Lead ISM Auditor since 1996 and Lead ISPS Auditor since 2004 and conducted audits on all types of vessels as well as Company Head Offices.
  • The ISM Audits on Passenger Ships also included extensive Environmental aspects. Prior to companies seeking ISM and ISPS Status he has assisted many companies preparing documentation to cover Company Procedures for ISM and ISPS Manuals.
  • During time with LR he developed and instructed many different courses for LR Class Surveyors for in house training. This also continued through as LR Client Trainer, offering and conducting ISM, ISPS, Risk Management, Marine Damage and Repair and Thickness Determination courses, tailored to client’s needs.
  • As an independent surveyor he has assisted company’s prepare for Class ISM audits prior to Class Society’s conducting their annual audits, conducted Insurance surveys, Pre-purchase surveys as well as Damage and Conditional Surveys, Flag Inspections and Alternate Service Delivery on behalf of Transport Canada. He has also assisted clients with changes to their Planned Maintenance System.
  • Raymundo Mata Contreras

    Raymundo Mata Contreras, is an Hydrographic and Geographic Engineer with Unlimited License as Master Mariner of the Mexican Merchant Marine, some of their past professional experiences includes:

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    Raymundo Mata Contrera Mexico Representative


    Port and Maritime Consultant, Marine Safety Auditor, Flag State Inspector and MLC Inspector since 2010 up to date; Legislative Advisor at Mexican Senate Congress LXI Legislature 2010;

    from 2007 to 2009 was Head of Nautical Education Trust Training FIDENA for the National Merchant Marine.

    From 2003 to 2007 Deputy-Director of Merchant Marine of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, Mexican member delegate to the International Maritime Organization meetings at MSC Maritime Safety Committee and the Subcommittee on Education STW.

    From 1998-2003 was elected General Secretary of the Order of Captains and Mates of the Mexican Republic, during this time was member of fair practices committee and also to the ITF Offshore Task Force and delegate at congress of the seafarers section of the International Transport Workers' Federation.

    Lecturer at the Directorate of Education of Sea Science and Technology and speaker in FIDENA with graduates of international shipping and Port Management.

    From 1989 to 1997 served as Master and navigating officer in different types of vessels such as oil tankers, car carriers and containers vessels in worldwide trade.

    Gurdev Mann

    Gurdev holds a Master Mariner Certificate and served several years as a deck officer and Master in command of various types of ships.

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    Gurdev Mann Senior Marine Surveyor and Auditor


    Highlights of his shore going experiences include the following:

  • Canadian Coast Guard, Marine safety Marine Surveyor
  • Safety/Security Inspector, Port state Control Officer, Pollution Prevention Officer and Examiner of Masters and Mates with the Canadian Government.
  • Trainer of Port State Control Officers and Examiners and was instrumental in training Chilean Coast Guard for Port State Control programs.
  • Retired after 28 years of service as a Marine Safety and Security Inspector with Transport Canada
  • Tio C. Devaney

    Tio started his maritime career at sea sailing as a dual certified deck and engineering officer.

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    Tio C. Devaney Florida USA Representative


    After leaving the naval services, Tio worked for the Bahamas Maritime Authority (London) as a Technical Officer providing a range of technical services to shipowners, classification societies, equipment manufacturers and other maritime regulators.

    After leaving the Bahamas Maritime Authority, Tio initially worked for Lloyd’s Register as a classification society surveyor before later transferring to Lloyd’s Register North America (Miami) as Development Manager for Lloyd’s Register Passenger Ships Group.

    Throughout his career, Tio worked with many leading maritime administrations to develop maritime legislation and is known in the maritime community for taking a practical approach to solving complex problems.

    Dennis Cunanan

    A Quality and Information Security enthusiast with 15 years of professional experience in establishing and managing management systems with sound understanding of organization specific compliance requirements such as ISO 9001, ISO 27001, NIST, COBIT, COSO, PCI DSS, HIPAA, JSOX, etc.

    Dennis Cunanan Quality Adviser Certificates, TBC

    Dennis Cunanan Quality and Information Security Specialist


    He has extensive background in providing leadership and directions towards the implementation of quality and information security management systems that involves planning, budgeting and promotional activities to support the value of quality and information security to the business.

    Shihui Wang

    Graduated from University of Ottawa, Miss Shihui holds a Master degree in environmental engineering owing strong environmental related background.

    Dennis Cunanan Quality Adviser Certificates, TBC

    Shihui Wang Environnemental Advisor


    Familiar with National and International Environmental legislation. Good technical and project management skills with the ability to successfully manage multiple projects and daily responsibilities. Self-motivated with skill to develop and foster creative and innovative solutions. Developing and implementing Environmental Management Systems. Conducts thorough compliance evaluation inspections for the purpose of achieving both business and environmental goals.

    Natalia Likhanova

    Many years of experience in recruiting companies in Canada. Natalia holds a Master Degree of Science.

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    Natalia Likhanova Crewing Manager


    She had been involved on various Management decision and direction and has many years in crewing and training activities :

  • Crew planning
  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Sarah Tangan

    Sarah had an extensive Crewing and Training background in the Philippines.

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    Sarah Tangan Crewing Manager


    She had been involved on various crewing and training activities as follows:

  • Crew planning
  • Recruitment
  • Cadet program
  • Training
  • Project and event management
  • Sarah had given prominent services on the following roles at various global ship management and manning agents:

    Thome Ship Management Ltd., ROHQ

    FLEET MANAGER 2009-2013
    Skanfil / Scanmar Maritime Service, Inc.

    CREWING OFFICER 2006-2009
    Barber-Smithbell Manning, Inc.

    CREW COORDINATOR 2005-2006
    Barber Ship Management Representative Office Ltd.

    Fang Li (Janet)

    Over 20 years of working experience in Accounting field.

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    Fang Li (Janet) Accounting


  • Payroll Compliance Practitioner Certification
  • Diploma in Computerized Accounting and Office, Vancouver, Canada
  • Diploma in Economic Management
  • Guillaume Koffi

    Graduated from the University of Ottawa, Guillaume holds a Master Degree of Education, Bachelor of Education (Pedagogy & Andragogy), Bachelor of French Literature, and a Bachelor of Communication.

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    Guillaume Koffi Curriculum Developer & Instructor


    Mr. Koffi is an active, motivated professional with several years of experience in teaching and developing curricula tailored for customers’ needs. In this sense, he designed curriculum content, training materials, training modules, teaching aids, and managed every aspect of curriculum development programs.

    In 2016, he was selected to participate in the Canadian Museum of History Focus Group: a group discussion of educators for the development a new Canadian History Hall, the largest and most comprehensive exhibition about Canadian history ever developed by the Canadian Museum of History.

    Capt. Drago Petrovic

    Capt. Drago Petrovic, M.M., BSc. Senior Marine Surveyor & Auditor

    Capt. Drago Petrovic, M.M., BSc.
Senior Marine Surveyor & Auditor

    Capt. Drago Petrovic M.M., BSc. Senior Marine Surveyor & Auditor


    Capt. Drago holds Bachelor’s degree in Maritime Transportation and Master Mariner Unlimited certificate. For over 27 years he had been commanding large container vessels for the industry heavy-weights, conducting ISM/ISPS/MLC audits and trainings, stud by new buildings, dry-dockings, conversions and retrofits.


    flexible SERVICES

    Even with the wide range of services that CIBS offers its customers, we are aware that each of our partners has unique needs that may not be perfectly satisfied with pre-built solutions. For this reason, we are constantly listening to our customers’ individual challenges and develop custom and adaptive services to help them achieve success. You have a specific project that requires a tailored solution? Contact us with the details and we will be happy to discuss and develop a proposition.


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