We at CIBS recognizes the importance of providing quality training to our customers and the advantages it makes towards the performance of the vessels they operate. We believe that training is the key to operating safe and efficient ships on greener oceans.

The marine industry is complex, and strictly regulated as per the International standards. CIBS offers a broad range of marine courses to meet the training requirements needed by the industries. Marine training is conducted in Montreal, Quebec, Halifax, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver.

Marine courses are also delivered at client sites and other CIBS locations.

Together with the marine industries, CIBS develops and delivers training for many maritime academia as per IMO Model courses.

Please contact us, for the following courses needed:
  • ISM
  • ISPS
  • MLC 2006
  • ISO 9001
  • Shipping introduction etc.

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flexible SERVICES

Even with the wide range of services that CIBS offers its customers, we are aware that each of our collaborators has unique needs that may not be perfectly satisfied with pre-built solutions. For this reason, we are constantly listening to our customers’ individual challenges and develop custom and adaptive services to help them achieve success. You have a specific project that requires a tailored solution? Contact us with the details and we will be happy to discuss and develop a proposition.


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